Friday, November 26, 2010

Pulau Melaka

Walked almost 4kms going to this Island from Mainland Melaka:

Breaking in Blogger and NYC

Okay, I'm new to this. I have three sets of abbreviations at the end of my last name, and yet I have NO technical skills. I created this blog so I can post comments on other bloggers page and share my stories as well.

I have been travelling non-stop for the last one year. Went to NYC twice (Winter and Spring), SG seven times, not to mention some other ASEAN countries that I visited just once this year.

Nagoya Airport

Detroit Wayne County Airport

Grand Central:

My hotel: Hilton Double tree

The Palace Hotel along 5th Ave

The Apple store in 5th Ave:

Cartier building all decked up for Christmas:

Saks Fifth:

The tree in Rockefeller Center:

Macy's along 34th Street:

My daily breakfast for 10 days:

Beautiful apartment buildings along SoHo:

Times Square:

JFK Airport:


LAX - American Airlines Terminal 4

Columbus Circle:

Chuck Bass' Empire Hotel:

Central Park:

The Apple store along 5th Ave:

St Patricks Cathedral:

The Plaza Hotel:

Rockefeller Center:

Bryant Park:

Times Square:

Washington Park:

Carrie Bradshaws house:


My hotel: Holiday inn SoHo